The "Wells for India" Project

This year, the Children's, Middle School, and High School ministries are partnering together to raise money for clean water wells in India. This page will help you get involved, and track our progress!


Two Wells
Four Wells
Six Wells

The Story

We often have kids ask us, "What can I DO to make a difference?" That's why we are challenging our kids in LaunchPad, Odyssey, and Quake to raise $5,000 to help build wells in India for clean drinking water in a place that needs it most. We are partnering with our Global Outreach team and Central India Christian Mission to make sure the well goes to a place where the church is invested and seeking to spread the truth of the gospel. We want to give a village not only clean water, but also THE Living Water, Jesus Christ!

Central India Christian Mission

CICM responds to the needs of the people in India and its surrounding countries through local outreach, medical care, disaster relief, training and discipleship. They work to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, take care of the sick, bring hope to the hopeless and free those in bondage. CICM not only provides for the physical needs of people in India, but also introduces them to the Gospel.

How To Get Involved

Below is a list of ideas of ways you can generate money to help provide clean water for our ministry partners in India. Pick one (or more!) and let's get this done together!

  1. Give your birthday!
    Some students have already committed to this one! To do this, you'll direct all your family and friends to not spend money to buy you presents, but instead donate that money to this project in your honor. Which would you rather happen, new video game, or clean water for a village for the next 20 years?
  2. Sell the stuff you have!
    You probably have old stuff lying around, right? How about selling it on eBay, or getting some friends together and doing a garage sale? You might make more than you think!
  3. Sell stuff you make!
    Can you sew? Can you cook? Can you paint? Are you creative? Think of something that you can make and sell in order to raise money!
  4. Ask family members for donations!
    Don't be afraid to ask your friends and family for donations for clean water in India. They might be willing to partner with you in this project just because they love you!
  5. Give your income!
    Do you have a job? Do you get an allowance? Do your parents or grandparents give you money sometimes? Consider giving a portion (or all of it) to this cause until the money is raised!
  6. Spend less, give more!
    Do you have something you buy regularly? Soda? Coffee? Movie tickets? Food? Try downsizing your spending and giving the difference to the cause!

Project Updates