If you are interested in getting involved on one of our teams, thank you so much for your willingness in taking these steps. We can't wait to get you involved!

In the Creative Arts ministry at College Heights we teach, model, and proclaim the truth of the Kingdom of God. So we sing songs about that are deep & rich in meaning, we tell the stories of God & His people, and we strive to be a worshipping community that spans across age, race, and status. We promise to make every effort to connect people with God & with each other. So we design services that glorify God and encourage His people. Finally, we serve God, the Church, and the World. So we worship to become transformed by the same God we worship. Then, we will respond, not just with singing, but provide opportunities for followers of Jesus to serve His kingdom.

Worship is not about us, it's about Jesus. We all need to hear Scripture, to learn, to experience, and to belong.

Thank you, again, for your interest in joining our team. We are excited for what God has in store for us at College Heights!

- Josh Huckabay, Creative Arts Minister

jhuckabay@chjoplin.org | 417-624-6915, ext. 310

- Alec Ward, Creative Arts Associate Minister

award@chjoplin.org | 417-624-6915, ext. 318



Please listen to and download Chord Charts and Tracks!

Feel free to get familiar with these songs because they will be a part of the audition process. You are welcome to audition with any song of your choice, but additionally we ask you to audition with one of these songs on the page, as they are a regular part of our services.

Fill out my online form.