To speak or not to speak, that is the question.

We are kicking off a new sermon series through the Gospel of Mark called SPEAK. We will work our way through the life of Jesus from now till Easter. And the way we are dividing this study through the book is through punctuation marks.

We will first spend several weeks talking about SPEAK?

We will answer the major questions of

  • Why speak? 
  • How to speak?
  • Who to speak to?
  • What to speak?

We will then move on to SPEAK! 

We will highlight the things we speak against and the tools we speak with that give our speaking a punch, that make it speak!

Then we will look at SPEAK... 

We will see that are speaking is not complete in and of itself, but is joined together with other key activities in the life of Jesus.

And then lastly we will conclude with SPEAK:

We will learn the story of what we are supposed to be speaking.

So the series in a nutshell:

  • SPEAK?
  • SPEAK!
  • SPEAK…
  • SPEAK:
Why do we speak? Sy Huffer leads us through Mark 1:1-15 as we wrestle with the importance of the good news, and why we need to share it.
Join us in part three of our sermon series "SPEAK?" as we dive into the book of Mark, and learn what it is we should be speaking about.
In part two of our SPEAK series, Sy Huffer takes us through Mark 1:35-39 as we ask "How" do we speak. We speak out of prayer and into compassion.
You can download this resource to help you tell your story.

You can download this resource to help you tell your story.


Take our New Year's Challenge to read the passage every week between now and Easter!