What do you mean by "small group"?

A small group is a group of adults ranging in size from 8-15 people that meet together. We believe that God made us for relationship and community. We also believe that Jesus asked us to be his disciples...who also make other disciples. In a Small Group, we disciple one another through relationships, though reading the Bible together, and then applying that to our lives each week.   

Where do small groups meet?

Small Groups meet in homes of the members. Some groups choose one house and always meet there. Other groups might rotate meeting in homes of the different people in the group. We really think that homes are the best atmosphere to get to know your group, visit authentically and openly with one another and learn to obey what the Bible is teaching us.  

How often to small groups meet together? 

It depends on the group. Some meet every week, some meet every other week, and others have found a schedule in between. Our only guideline in that meetings are consistent and regular, though have enough variety to keep meetings fresh and meet various goals.

What do they study in a small group?

College Heights provides "guides" that help move the group through conversation.  We always review what we talked about and learned the last week; and then ask each other if we put into practice what we talked about. We read from the Bible together and ask a lot of questions that help us to talk through what we think God teaching us.  

Do I have to know a lot about the Bible?

Nope. There are NO prerequisites to be in a small group....including knowing a lot about the Bible. A small group is where we really get to dive into learning from one another about Jesus and the Bible and how we can live in a way that honors God.  

What if I am not a Christian?

Again, there are NO prerequisites to be in a small group...and this includes being a Christian. If you want to know more about Jesus and create relationships with others who also want to know more, a small group is the prefect context to do this in!  

Will there be snacks?

Each small group has their own plan. But, usually there are snacks or even a meal that everyone contributes to in whatever way they can. In a lot of our small groups, each member brings a food item to share with the group and they put out a spread of a variety of things.  

Do I need to bring anything?

Of course, you don't HAVE to bring anything. However, if you have a Bible, that might be a good idea. (Or use the YouVersion app on your smartphone.) If you like to jot down notes, bring a notebook and pen. And, if you make a mean pan of brownies...definitely bring that!!  :)

How do I get connected to a small group?

There are a number of ways to get connected. You could fill out the form here and our team will work to find a group for you. You could take the initiative to ask friend if you can join their group. Or you can always get in touch with us via email ( or by the church’s phone at extension 320. Whatever you decide, our team is here to help you get connected.