What Is Love? | 1 John 5:5-21 | 08.11.19 | Sy Huffer

Go to www.chjoplin.org/give if you'd like to give online. Do you want to engage with the sermon more? Here are some questions that will help to guide your conversation around this text: Pray: The challenging command by John in his section on helping brothers and sisters who are sinning is to simply pray for them. Do you actually believe that prayer can make a difference for those people that you know that are drifting from God? How does your prayer rhythms back up your belief about the power of prayer? Speak: Is there someone you know that you need to confront about the sin in their life? Who is that person that God is calling you to (1) pray for and (2) talk to? Grow: How is the enemy pulling you from the truth of God's love? Where do you find yourself drifting from, sinning against, or doubting in the truth of God's love for you? Love: Sy said over and over again that "the most loving thing you do is point people to the truth." Why is this hard for you? What fears, hesitations, or desires are keeping you from pointing those you love to the truth of God's love?