Elijah- Just Like Us | 1 Kings 17 | 06.02.19 | Sy Huffer

Pray: Sy asked the question that so many of us ask: “Who is God to me when I am nothing to Him?” Do you struggle with this question? Have you struggled with this question in your time of need? Pray and ask the Lord to reveal himself to you in the midst of your needs. Speak: The obstacle of feeling forgotten when we are in a season of obscurity is an opportunity that God uses to break down four tough membranes of our heart: (1) Pride; (2) Fear; (3) Resentment; (4) Habit. Which one of these is God breaking down in your life right now? Share this with a trusted friend, family member, or brother and sister in Christ in order to walk alongside you as you work through this season of growth. Grow: What is keeping you in your time of need to believe these four statements: (1) I am here by God’s appointment; (2) I am in His keeping; (3) I am under His training; (4) He will show me His purposes in His time. Love: How can you develop new habits that overcome your ego in order to love people who you are currently afraid to love?