Elijah- Just Like Us | 1 Kings 19:1-18 | 06.16.19 | Dr. Mark Scott

Pray One thing that Elijah did right in his depression was to pray (4, 10, 14). Do you pray when you are discouraged? Do you really cry out to God? Do you reverently vent to him? Are you willing to pester him with your problems (1 Peter 5:7)? Prayer is not passive you know. Prayer is an active way to solve problems and bring us out of depression. Depressed? Pray! Speak God spoke to depressed Elijah--but not in the normal ways that were special signs of his presence (wind, earthquake, and fire). He spoke with a still small voice--a whisper (12). How do you best hear God? Does he have to do something pretty miraculous to get your attention or will a whisper do? We want you to speak for God (i.e. evangelism), but have you heard him speak to you first? Grow One of the things that brought Elijah out of his depression was service (15-17). Sometimes when we are depressed the last thing we want to hear is to give ourselves up in service. Yet, that is sometimes the very thing that will help us grow out of our self-assigned pity parties. Whom do you need to serve this week? Love Loving God is the biggest thing in the book. Often when we are depressed loving God gets blocked. One thing that Elijah did when he was discouraged was to retrace the steps of Moses by going to Horeb (the mountain of God). Where do you need to go to love God more? Special place? Prayer closet? The place of your conversion? Would a visit to that place be appropriate this week?