Through One Less Gift, we spend less on ourselves at Christmas and more on those who are most in need. We intentionally choose to put Christ at the center of Christmas—celebrating His coming and pursuing His heart for the lost and the hurting.

We have seen firsthand what those gifts can do. When we dug wells in India, old men wept and thanked us for giving their wives and daughters their lives back because the long, exhausting, daily journey for water had finally ceased. When we were able to buy milk cows for 600 orphans, the children had access to good nutrition for the first time in their lives. And when we bought propane for a Joplin family, they enjoyed a warm house that winter. 


The Catalog

This is last year's One Less Gift catalog which contained a wide variety of wish list items from our Community and Global Partners. We were able to fully fund each request through One Less Gift. As a sponsor, your contribution went toward the One Less Gift fund. We distributed these financial gifts proportionately to each of our Community and Global Partners. Thanks for being a part of this amazing opportunity which will make a real difference this holiday season!