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College Heights is partnering with Current - A Christian Church, located in Katy, TX to provide funds, encouragement and prayer. College Heights is committed to pray about everything and now is no different. Current is on the ground, already responding to requests and receiving partnership inquiries like ours. We seek to partner with the church and their ability to connect with a city they already serve and love. Current is also joining with IDES for on the field response and we have partnered with them in the past as well. College Heights and Joplin can be a blessing as many of us were blessed by the generosity in 2011 and beyond.


You can give directly to Current - A Christian Church currentchristian.org/harveyrelief


To IDES and their response to bring relief - http://www.ides.org/news/hurricane-harvey-response


Or you can give through College Heights and we will send the financial contributions to our partners.


In the coming days and weeks ahead we will maintain communication with their staff about additional partnership through teams on the field and encouragement. Nathan Rymer, Executive Pastor at Current said that some homes and areas may not be accessible for weeks or even months.