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Do you regularly spend time reading the Bible and praying but want to go deeper and be more challenged?    Joining a program that provides resources, accountability, and the encouragement of others can be helpful.  There are many excellent studies used by our church that meet a variety of situations and needs.  In addition to these, we are now offering Developing Co-Laborers to those who are ready to  go crazy deep.

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Thoroughly Equipped: Developing Co-Laborers (DC for short), was produced by Southeast Christian Church, and has been used by churches nationwide.  Calling it a "study" may be a little misleading.  It is actually a self-guided program that focuses on three aspects:  Scripture memorization, Bible reading, and Bible study.  It requires 4-5 hours of homework per week, and a small group meeting once a week for 1.5 hours of discussion.

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Presently we are starting both a men’s and a women's group on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM.  Another men’s group will be starting on Monday mornings from 6:00 – 7:30 AM.   Other groups could be formed depending on the interest shown.  The initial commitment is a ten-week course, while the entire program covers a 21 month timeframe.

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This study follows a pattern that builds upon itself, so a lackadaisical approach will bring no benefit. Also, since you will be with others in a small group that is going through this all together, sharing thoughts, insights, and encouragement, your absence or lack of preparation each week will be sorely felt.  Upfront we ask only for a commitment to the first 10-week section.


For a more exhaustive look at DC, check out the “Thoroughly Equipped” website.

What is DC?

What are the topics to be studied in DC?


This will be challenging to most people, but also very rewarding.  If you are at an intersection where you are ready to stretch and grow in your faith, then join us in one of our small groups.  Together we can provide the fellowship and accountability that can be the "iron-sharpening-iron" factor as we allow the Lord to teach us through His Word.

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There are four main books over the 21 month program, each costing between $20 and $25.  Other reading material is occasionally used throughout the program.  There are also short retreats which will be determined by each group, so some cost might occur  depending on what activities are decided.


Many people have gone through this program, including people from churches in Carthage and Nixa.  But you might rather hear reports from our own people who started the program last semester.  Click below to hear their comments.


If you would like to sign up for a group, or just talk with someone about Developing Co-Laborers, please contact Roger Lieb, Education Minister, at 417.396.1801, or rlieb@chjoplin.org.