Every local church is just one expression of God's plan for the world. And at College Heights, we believe we have been called to make disciples of Jesus Christ who change the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God. To do this, our leadership believes this will best be accomplished through living out four commitments in the context of community.


We commit to:


Pray about everything.

We talk to God to deepen our trust in him, agreement with him, love of him, and commitment to his purpose.


Talk about Jesus.

If we love Jesus and we love people, we will speak the good news of Jesus’ rescue, healing, and purpose at every opportunity.


Choose God's way, every day.

We want to follow and live like Jesus together by choosing God’s way every day.



Love like Jesus.

 We will love like Jesus by giving our lives, resources, gifts, and energy to help all people encounter God’s love.


What we're doing about it

In order for these four commitments to become a part of our DNA as a church family and as individuals, our Leadership challenged us to commit to being in a group of 8-12 adults (not counting kids) for eight weeks and collectively to carry out the four College Heights commitments (Pray, Speak, Grow, Love) in tangible ways. Now that we've completed the 8 Week Challenge, some of our groups have expressed interest in staying in a small group together for an extended amount of time. If you would like to do this, here are some next steps. 


What's Next

Group Options:

•    Talk to your group and determine whether you would like to continue meeting after the 8 Week Challenge is completed. Discuss meeting options—different day of the week, a different time, different frequency, etc.

•    If only a small number would like to continue meeting, you could either invite others to join you OR contact us and we can connect you with other smaller groups who would like to continue as well. Email Bryce at bhansen@choplin.org.

•    We are making plans to relaunch small groups in the Fall. We hope to use these groups to help people find community with each other and continue to live out our commitments to PRAY, SPEAK, GROW, and LOVE.

Study Options:

•    There are about 10-15 unique challenges for each of the commitments. You can find the complete list of all of these challenges at chjoplin.org/commitments. Choose to take all of the other challenges personally or as a group for the rest of the year. Continue to submit stories at here

•    Use Right Now Media at www.rightnowmedia.org. These are online teaching videos with a variety of topics and studies to watch as a group with discussion/teaching material you can download. Email Bryce at bhansen@chjoplin.org to get login access to this fantastic resource. 

•    Utilize the Drive Home Questions in the Sunday morning bulletin as a group discussion resource.



Are the challenges for me personally or for the group? The challenges are primarily for the group, however most of them will be able to be carried out personally as well.

Are the challenges really hard? Can I do them? What happens if I fail? Will I go to hell? We are hoping the challenges will stretch the groups to get out of their comfort zones a little, however, we are confident that most groups should be able to carry out the challenges without fear of “failure.” If you fail, remember that we are all live under the banner of God’s grace through Jesus. Don’t worry, God will love you just the same.

How do I change my group if I don’t like it? Our hope is everyone can commit to be with a group. However, if there are serious concerns or issues, please let us know and we will do our best to help you find a good fit. 

What if I can’t find a group to be a part of? Please go to the button above "Group Sign Up" and take just a few minutes to fill out the form. There will be a dropdown box where you will select “I need to be connected to a group.” We will do the best we can to find a group for you to be a part of. 

Can we be in two different groups? We don’t recommend it due to the time strain this may put on you and the possibility of not being able to fully commit to one group or the other. However, if you feel this is something you would be able to fully commit to, then go for it! 

What are we supposed to do with our kids? If possible, we encourage groups to incorporate their kids in with the group. However, if this will be a major distraction for group time, each group decides how they will handle childcare. Look at our Childcare Decision Tree Resource above, which can help you determine your childcare strategy. 

Where do we meet? This is for your group to decide to see who might be willing to host a meeting (or all the meetings) in their home. You can either meet in one home every week or decide to rotate the meetings among several homes. 

How long is each meeting time? Most groups meet for about an hour and half to two hours, but groups can make this decision based on what works for them. 

Are you giving us any material or resources for group time? Yes. You can find some suggestions above.

What are the challenges going to be? There are a wide variety of challenges. We are hoping these challenges will require a little extra time and effort on your part to carry out without putting any unbearable burden on you. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions or issues? Please contact Josh Beck, Small Groups Minister, at jbeck@chjoplin.org.