Middle School & High School Monthly Update (October - November)


Check out all the awesome things coming up for Middle School & High School students!

In this post you will find information about:

  • High School October Party (Oct. 25)

  • “The Event” trip for High School (Nov. 1-2)

  • "ICOM" trip for Middle School & High School (Nov. 16)

  • “Mile of Quarters” update

  • Upcoming series focus

  • 2020 Save-the-dates for trips (Summer?!)

High School October 25 Party!

  • Friday evening October 25

  • This party is for 9th - 12th grade students

  • More details to come!

"The Event" at Ozark Christian College

  • Friday November 1 - Saturday November 2

  • This overnight event is for 9th - 12th grade students

  • The cost is $36 if you register before October 18th, or $46 after that date. Registrations submitted by October 18th will receive a free t-shirt

"ICOM" in Kansas City

  • “ICOM” - International Conference on Missions

  • Saturday November 16

  • This is a daytrip for 6th - 12th grade students (parents & leaders are welcome to attend)

  • There is not a cost to attend the event- participants will need to bring money for lunch and dinner

Mile of Quarters

  • We are still raising money for Mile of Quarters for the Youth SPARK initiative!

  • Help your student think of ways to raise their part - mowing lawns, baby-sitting, selling unused belongings (video games, clothes, toys), giving a portion of their paycheck if they have a job, or any other creative ways you can think of!

  • Over the course of this school year, if every student brought just $50 to contribute to Mile of Quarters our goal would be met!

Upcoming Series Focus

October - Kingdom Work
Our first act of Kingdom work is to believe in Christ, then to proclaim the news about him, and then to restore things through him in the world around us. Each week will have challenges that the kids can take to go a step further, like asking two adults why they believe in Jesus, serving in your small group to help restore the community around us, and more!

November - For Glory
In November we will look at how all the persons of the Trinity are for His glory. We’ll look specifically at the how the father, son, and spirit all point back to the glory of God. We'll end that series on November 20 with a night of celebration, talking about the church and how it also exists to glorify God.

Save these Dates (and start saving money)

Now is the time to start saving for the Spring & Summer trips! They will be here before you know it.

Believe (Middle School) - January 24-25, 2020 (Price TBD - Less than $150)
MIX (Middle School) - Date & Price TBD (target price of less than $400)
MOVE (High School) - June 29 - July 3, 2020 (target price of less than $500)

Check out the videos below for a sneak peak into each of these events:

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We are looking forward to a great few months!