Life In The Upside Down: Keep Me Central

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The popular series Stranger Things got one thing wrong: we’re the ones living in the Upside Down. In the book of Revelation, God pulls back the veil to tell us how to live life right side up in the Upside Down.

Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, challenges us on this sermon from Revelation 4 and 5.

(Unfortunately, die to technical difficulties, we have only audio for this week’s sermon.)


Use these questions based on our Four Commitments (Pray, Speak, Grow, Love) to further explore the message:

Pray: What centers you? How can corporate prayer in the regular worship gathering with other believers be the mechanism to center you on the right center in this upside down world?

Speak: Who is going to hold you accountable to your new commitment of regular worship attendance? Talk to someone about the obstacles that get in the way of regularly worshipping with the body of Christ. Ask someone else to hold you and your family accountable to the 3 out 4 weeks a month challenge.

Grow: What in your life has been in the center of your reality instead of God? How has that idol being at the center impacted the rest of your life when the wheel of chaos spins?

Love: St. Augustine describes idolatry as loving good things as ultimate things. What do you love that is a good gift from God but has become ultimate and the center of your life?



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