Life In The Upside Down: Wake Up

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The popular series Stranger Things got one thing wrong: we’re the ones living in the Upside Down. In the book of Revelation, God pulls back the veil to tell us how to live life right side up in the Upside Down.

Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, challenges us on this sermon from Revelation 2 and 3.


Use these questions based on our Four Commitments (Pray, Speak, Grow, Love) to further explore the message:

Pray: Sy gave four prayer prompts to pray through. Which one challenged you the most?

  • You are heading in the wrong direction. (Repent!)

  • You are doing better than you think. (Hold On!)

  • You are heading in the right direction. (Stay the Course!)

  • You are doing worse than you think. (Wake Up!)

Speak: Is there someone you know that needs to hear one of these messages from you? How can you speak truth into their lives to keep them from drifting from the right direction, from heading in the wrong direction, from not giving up, or help them gain self-awareness on a blind spot?

Grow: Each letter to each church ends with John saying, "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches." In order to grow, we must listen to others outside of us reveal to us areas where we are needing growth. Who are you listening to? Who are you asking about your blind spots?

Love: Ephesus was condemned by forgetting her first love: i.e. Love of God and Love of Neighbor. Have you, in the midst of the business of life and faith and church, have you forgotten your first love, the basics of the faith? How can you recenter yourself on your first love this week?



Watch the video to see Sy perform a “magic trick” with Josh Quade, our College Age Minister.



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