Life In The Upside Down: Keep Your Eyes on Me

Life in the Upside Down Sermon Series.png


The popular series Stranger Things got one thing wrong: we’re the ones living in the Upside Down. In the book of Revelation, God pulls back the veil to tell us how to live life right side up in the Upside Down.



Are you looking to engage with the sermon deeper? Here are some prompts to think through!

Pray—This week try something new in you prayer time. Before you speak a word, sit down in a chair, place another chair about 1-2 feet directly in front of you. Close your eyes and picture Jesus sitting there. Now: take 3-5 minutes where you speak to him directly. Then: take 3-5 minutes where you allow him to speak to you directly. Finally: write down this word from the Lord.

Speak—The gospel is made to intersect with people in times of tragedy and brokenness. Often, when someone is mourning a loss or struggling with doubt, we either don't know what to say or we simply say the wrong thing, focusing more on the why instead of the who. This week create space for a quiet time where you simply practice speaking the truth of who God is. Write it down in a journal. Write it in response to difficulties in your life. Write it as practice to minister to someone in the future that may be struggling with Who God is.

Grow—More than prediction, prophecy's purpose is to prosecute and persuade a rebellious people. Sometimes, hard truths are difficult to confront. What hard truths did God bring to you through this morning's sermon? What changes are necessary in your life as you respond?

Love—Love of others (and of ourselves) comes from the realization that we are loved by God. At the end of Shane's sermon, he drew our attention to the image in Revelation 1 of Jesus "walking amongst the lampstands." How does this intimate presence of God change the way you view him? How does it change the way you view yourself?