FOCUS: Follow Jesus

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In a distracted world, what we need right now is focus. We need to have the kind of focus that brings clarity to confusion. We also need the kind of focus that separates the essential from the non-essential.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Have you ever struggled with that question: "How you walk "The Way" when every other way seems better and easier? Express your honest frustration and deepest fears to God in your prayers this week, being transparent about your struggle to follow Jesus.

Speak: Who do you know that has walked "The Way" of following Jesus? Who do you respect that can be a helpful guide and role model for you as you walk the way? Speak to them this week, thank them for their life of faithfulness to following Jesus.

Grow: What does it look like for you to "walk the way today"? How can you follow Jesus today in a practical way before you go to sleep tonight?

Love: One of the best ways to follow Jesus and walk the way today is to love someone by showing them compassion. What can you do today to show compassion to someone around you?