Discovering Justice: The Anointing of Justice (Isaiah 60-61)



THE QUESTIONS: These questions are designed to challenge you in each of our Four Commitments: PRAY, SPEAK, GROW, LOVE. Use them to further explore the message.

Pray: Where do you see pain in the world today? How can you have eyes to see people's suffering the way God sees them? What role can prayer play in helping you see peoples' needs out there being transformed by God's work in here?

Speak: Ministering to the body and soul of a person requires both words and deeds. What does it look like to speak restoration into people's lives, for both their body and their soul?

Grow: Is there an aspect of justice that you are struggling with? Where is God challenging you when it comes to justice issues in our world today?

Love: Who is God calling you to love, to bring about justice for this week?