A New Ministry Opportunity for Troy and Tammy Nelson


College Heights Family, 

Elder Troy Nelson.jpg

A few weeks back I wrote a letter to Sy and Gregg Murdock, Chairman of the Elders, that informed them of my resignation as an Elder at CHCC. Resignations rarely seem positive, but I believe this one is. Allow me to explain.

A few months back I was asked to consider applying for the senior minister position at Blendville Christian Church (BCC). My immediate response was, "No." I enjoy my role at OCC and my church family at CHCC, and I had no sense of God calling me away from either one. However, as more conversations occurred, it became evident that I could offer BCC what they need at this stage of their ministry as their part-time preaching minister. After multiple meetings with the Elders of BCC, they came to the same conclusion. As a part-time preaching minister, I will oversee the care and development of the Church staff, preach every Sunday, and give shape to the direction of their future ministry in Joplin. 

Ever since I started in my role at Ozark Christian College (OCC) 17 years ago, and we began attending College Heights 14 years ago, my heart to serve a church as the preaching minister has always been strong. Never did I think I would have the opportunity to BOTH work at OCC and preach every weekend. I am dumbfounded by how all of this came together. In fact, I want to thank College Heights for keeping the flame of ministry burning bright within my heart. You have allowed me the opportunity to use and refine my gifts in service at CHCC, for which I am forever grateful. Now, I can take what I have learned and help a congregation grow into its future. 

I hope you now understand why I say that this is a "positive resignation." I will be carrying out what CHCC wants their members to do, being a disciple who changes the world. Please lift the Nelsons and BCC in prayer as we move forward in this journey. Blessings.

Troy and Tammy Nelson