3 Reasons You Should Send Your Kid on a Church Summer Trip (+Bonus Videos!)


Can you believe it’s already time to think about summer? We’re so excited for what God will do in and through the kids during this season!

Summer Trips are a great opportunity and incredibly important in the development of your child’s faith. There are a lot of reasons why you should prioritize these opportunities, but here are three big ones, in no particular order:


1. Relationships: God, Friends, Mentors

If there’s one thing your kids will come home with after a few days at camp or CIY, it’s this: deepened relationships. They get to spend a LOT of time with each other, and with godly adults, all with the focus of growing closer to God.

We often see kids forging friendships on trips that they wouldn’t have otherwise, and that will help support their faith in the days, months, and even years ahead. Because these friendships were formed in the context of growing in their faith, they become a helpful tool in fostering that faith in the future.

This dynamic also happens with adult leaders, who choose to go on these trips. They provide wisdom, love, and a listening ear to help reinforce what parents and ministers have been teaching. Often these discipleship mentorships continue for years afterward, as the kids engage with the church on a weekly basis.

All the studies say basically the same thing, and what humans have known for ages: it takes a village to raise a child. By God’s design, it takes a church community to raise up a young disciple, and a trip is an awesome opportunity to engage that community.


2. Sabbath Break

Jesus often went away from the daily rhythms to pray. Church trips provide an opportunity for kids to get away from the noise: the homework, the social media, the sports, the regular rhythms of life, and focus on what’s most important: God himself.

Christ shows us that his performance is what saves us. And our heart’s designed desire is fulfilled in Christ alone. But that’s hard for kids to hear in the midst of their lives. Almost everything in a kid’s life reinforces the idea that their value, success, and hope is based on their performance. Trips are a chance to escape, to take a break, to create distance, and allow them to focus on that truth.


3. A Stake in the Ground For Faith

All year long our church and ministries are planning, equipping, and executing ministries to help disciple kids. Lessons taught, songs sung, games played, prayers prayed, service projects done, Bible discussions had. But trips provide this place for all that effort to come together for a kid in one bright, powerful moment, where it finally breaks through and a decision can be made. We find kids often finally saying “yes” to Christ on these trips or shortly thereafter.

And even if a kid’s journey takes them far from God, or through a dark valley, trips often become a “stake in the ground” for them. Reminders that they, at least at one time, had faith in God and hope in Christ. Trips create memories of God’s impact on their hearts and minds. Trips create reminders of decisions made, convictions grasped, and hearts softened.


When combined with regular engagement with the church, and faithful guidance from their family, trips become an incredibly powerful tool in the faith journey of a kid.

You can find out more information and register for each trip at chjoplin.org/register

Bonus! Videos about some of our trips!