Jesus Jam: A Night for our Friends with Disabilities (April 12)

Jesus Jam 2019.jpg

Jesus Jam is a fun evening of dining and dancing—providing a tangible way to connect our church to young adults with disabilities in our community. Over 300 people of various intellectual, physical, and behavioral abilities celebrate the person they are created to be in Jesus. It’s our very own celebration of Luke 14!

You can show love to our friends with disabilities!

Volunteer Opportunities

Adults, families, and friend groups are invited to serve in these areas (children under 16 are encouraged to serve, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

  • Buddy: A one-on-one “buddy” paired with an adult with a disability. Eat together, dance, play games, take pictures, and dance some more!  (Must be 16 or older.)

  • Server: Serve a table at the banquet bringing food, wiping spills, and making sure our guests have what they need. (Great for a family or group.)  

  • Game Room Attendant: Play games or color with a guest in this quieter area. (Great for a family or group.)

  • Outdoor Entertainment Attendant: Help with the hayride and outdoor fun.

  • Parking Lot Attendant: Direct traffic and help guests get safely to and from their cars.  (Must be 16 or older.)

  • Welcome Line: Be a part of the welcome tunnel to cheer on arriving guests.

  • Information Attendant: Help monitor and provide directions.

  • Set-up Team: Arrive at 1:30 Friday afternoon to decorate and hang lights.

  • Tear-down Team: Stay after the party to help the facilities team by making the church as clean and Sunday-ready as possible.

  • Respite Room Team: Provide encouragement, counseling, and prayer for the caregivers.

Our theme is Western Rodeo, so come wearing your denim, plaids, and cowboy hats – but please leave your six shooter at home (all weapons, toy or otherwise will be confiscated at the door)!

We have training on Sunday, April 7 to walk you through every aspect of your job.

We have seen lives positively impacted for Jesus, and attitudes about the church and disability changed through this fun evening.  Thanks for considering joining us on April 12. 

For more information please call Heather Wimsett, Thru the Roof Disability Ministry Coordinator, at 417-621-5471.