New Thing: In My Weariness (Isaiah 40)

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These questions are meant to challenge you in each of our Four Commitments: PRAY, SPEAK, GROW, LOVE. Use these questions to further explore the message. 

Pray: Do your prayers reflect more of a desire for God to pamper you with comfort, or to comfort you with perspective? How do you focus your prayer life more on pursuing comfort in your weariness through a new perspective?

Speak: What have you said in the past that has leaned itself to the blame game? How have you blamed THEM, or THEY for your problems and weariness instead of owning your own contribution to your problems?

Grow: What story or picture of Jesus or God needs to be your focus for this week, month, or year? Read through the Gospels and choose one story or pick from Sy's pictures of God as Creator, Redeemer (on the cross), or King (on the throne).

Love: Who are you close to that is falling to the deceptions of the enemy and are pursuing comfort in a pampering way? How can you lovingly help them with their perspective of God in the midst of their weariness?