Four Confessions To Be Rescued: I Turn To The Wrong Stuff To Rescue Me.



We want to learn from the mistakes of our spiritual ancestors. Sometimes that means making confessions they didn’t. When we are in trouble, the foundation that we need is the confession, “I need help.”


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Has confession ever been a part of your prayer life? What does confession mean to you? How can you confess today in your prayers?

Speak: Who do you know that is not admitting that they are in a mess? Why do you think they struggle with acknowledging the reality of their life? How can you speak truth in to their life in a loving, grace-filled way?

Grow: Sy talked about doing a sanity check at the beginning of a new year. This sanity check consisted of being honest with ourselves in two specific ways: 1. The problem in our life is sin; 2. The solution is a God of mercy. Do you see the problems in your life as part of a world filled with sin? What is the disconnect for you?

Love: How do you view God as a God of love and of Justice? How can you love others yet also stand for truth in this world?