Kingdom Citizen: Belong to Heaven (Philippians)




Use these questions to help you further explore the topic of the message.

Pray: Do you truly believe that you are who God says you are? Pray and ask God to show you how he feels about you, who he says you are.

Speak: Who do you know that is close to you but far from God and needs to hear the good news about what it means to become a citizen of the kingdom of God?

Grow: Paul says for us to "only live up to what we have already attained." By the grace of God, we are his children. That is how we become citizens. But what does it look to grow in one area of your life that doesn't reflect who God says you are?

Love: How can your lifestyle show people around you what it means to belong to heaven? How can you love people in the world while at the same time not remaining true to belonging to another world, another kingdom?

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