Welcome To Nathan Morris, Our New High School Associate Minister!


Welcome Nathan Morris!

A few months ago we announced a new structure for our Youth and Children's ministry team, where we'd be hiring a new Associate Minister to lead our Middle School Ministry and another Associate Minister to lead our High School Ministry. We're very happy to announce to you today that we've officially hired Nathan Morris to lead the High School Ministry here at College Heights!

Nathan was born and raised here in Joplin, Missouri, and has served alongside his wife at a local church for four years. Nathan loves trying to present the Gospel in a practical and relational way, as well as seeing scripture finally mean something to a student personally.

Nathan is an avid Star Wars fan, board game enthusiast, and advocate for sneaking to the kitchen to snack after midnight. (Don’t tell his wife.)

We're incredibly excited to add him to our now fully-staffed Youth Ministry Team!

His first day on staff was Monday, August 13! Please join us in loving and welcoming Nathan, his wife Ashley, and his daughter Eisley to our church family.