Engage: Imagine There



It's Vision Sunday! Are you motivated to see people come to know Jesus? We are! Listen in for the goals that will drive our church in at least the next 5 years!



Use these questions in your personal Bible study time or with your small group to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: What aspect of College Heights’ vision for the future inspired you? What aspect overwhelmed you? How can a large vision for our future grow your prayer life? How can prayer fuel our vision?

Speak: A large part of our vision is having our small groups reproduce–starting new groups. That only happens if people invite others into our groups as they are today. Who can you invite into your small group this week?

Grow: The largest obstacle that we must overcome in order to pursue our vision for the future is our debt. How can you grow in your financial stewardship in order to get out of debt yourself and grow in generosity?

Love: We want to reach lost people with the good news of Jesus, and we believe this vision is how God is calling us to do that. Who do you know that is close to you but far from God? How can you love them in this turbulent world this week? The focus of a godly vision must always be lost people.