Engage: From Here to There



In our series, Engage, Sy Huffer talks about how we will wrestle with the different parts of a journey of leaving what we know and following the direction of God to where God wants us to go.


8/12    From Here to There    Exodus 5 & 6

8/19    Can’t Stay Here    Nehemiah 1 & 2

8/26    Imagine There    Revelation 7:9-17



Use these questions in your personal Bible study time or with your small group to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Sy talked about any move from here to there must keep God as the all-powerful, perfectly faithful Creator. How does prayer keep this focus for you? How do you struggle with this?

Speak: Where is God calling you, personally, to move from here to there? Speaking that dream/goal to another person is the first step toward achieving it. Who can you talk to about your dreams for the future?

Grow: Which obstacles keep you from engaging the journey from here to there? Do you struggle more with giving up control over the here or with trusting God on the there?

Love: As part of our church, who are you moving here to there for? What changes do we need to engage in order to reach our kids, neighbors, and grandkids?