Crossing Borders: Through the Unpredictable



Josh Beck, our Global Outreach Minister, reminds us to be Kingdom carriers wherever we go near and far.



Use these questions to help you further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Spend time this week praying for one specific Global Partner that College Heights has raised up and sent out. Pray for the people group they work among. You might even do some Google searches about the people group in order to better inform the way you pray.   

Speak: One of the interesting things about our passage today was that Saul’s change, his saving transformation, wasn’t complete until one of God’s people came to him and spoke to him about God’s plan and saving grace for him. The vision alone wasn’t enough. It got Saul’s attention, but God chooses his people to speak the gospel message to those they come into contact with.  How does this challenge the way you currently speak to people (or don’t) about Jesus?  

Grow: Jesus calls us not to religion or a system of religion, but to respond to the gospel—the good news that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected from the dead and is Lord over all creation. Our role, once we hear and understand the gospel, is to respond. This week, what do you need to turn over to the Lordship of Christ in your life?  

Love: Ananias had some significant, and well founded, objections to what Jesus was asking him to do - to “enter in” the house where Saul (a well known persecutor of Christians) was. Yet, because Jesus told him to do so, he not only entered but called Saul “Brother” (v. 17).  Think through where you are at in life right now.  Where could you “enter in”, where could you cross a border, in order to show the love of Jesus to someone else?