Crossing Borders: To The Nations



This week in our Crossing Borders series, Sy helps us wrestle with a topic that everyone deals with on some level. Sometimes it is tough to do something beyond our comfort zone for the Gospel.



Use these questions to help you further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: What border is God calling you to cross? With your neighbor? A family member with whom you have a major conflict? To be a cross-cultural worker? 

Ask the Lord to reveal to you how he is moving you from your safety blanket across the border to reach someone else.

Speak: What did you think about Sy’s illustration on chickening out with asking the couple to pray for them? 

Do you get scared when you try to speak about Jesus and prayer to strangers or people you know who aren’t religious? 

Grow: How can you grow in your own personal evangelism this week? 

What does it look like for you to create margin in your life and pray that prayer, “God, give me someone today to share your good news with?”

Love: Who needs to experience the love of Jesus in your life? How can you cross a border and love someone who is not like you?