Crossing Borders: To The Near That Are Here



In the second week of our series, Crossing Borders, Dr. Mark Scott preaches about Peter and the Ethiopian Eunuch reminding us that sometimes those who we consider far away may be a lot closer than we think.

Due to technical difficulties, last week's sermon is only available in audio form. You can find it here in iTunes (as well as most of our other previous sermons)!



Use these questions to help you further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Do you pray for divine appointments? The angel and the Spirit worked in harmony to bring the Eunuch and Philip together. Would a greater resolve in prayer allow more room for the Holy Spirit and the ministering spirits (Hebrews 1:14) to work in harmony to create divine appointments?

Speak: Philip had a great opening line. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Notice a few keys to proper evangelistic speaking. First, he entered the Eunuch’s world, i.e., he was unselfish. He did not try to cram his agenda down the Eunuch’s throat. Second, he put his speech in the form of a question, i.e., so unobtrusive. Third, he got the conversation going in the Scriptural direction. What can we learn about speaking for Jesus from Philip’s good question?

Grow: The more we grow in the Word the more we realize that it’s all about Jesus and his sacrifice to get the world back. The Eunuch wanted to understand Isaiah 53. Philip told him that it was about Jesus. How good are you at finding Jesus in all parts of the Bible?

Love: We know already that the love of God is large enough to encompass Samaritans (Acts 8:1-25). Is it also large enough to encompass people of other countries with a questionable sexual orientation? The Eunuch wondered what would “hinder” (prevent)  him from being in the loving community called the church. Love’s answer is, “Nothing.”