Missio Dei: The Mission of God—Alignment

June 3, 2018



Starting a new series entitled, "Missio Dei," Sy Huffer teaches us what it looks like to have our lives on mission with God's mission.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of today’s message.

Pray: Alignment with God’s mission begins with getting aligned with a person, namely Jesus. How does a consistent prayer life keep Jesus as the primary constant for the alignment of your life?

Speak: In Acts 1, the disciples still desired to have the kingdom established in Jerusalem, yet Jesus kept pointing them to the rest of the world outside of their comfort zone. How do we drift towards a focus on the internal believers already in the community instead of focusing on those in the world who desperately need to hear the good news of Jesus?

Grow: Sy said, “To get aligned at the beginning helps you stay aligned to the end.” How have you gotten out of alignment with Jesus’ mission? Where have you drifted from alignment on the person (Jesus), the destination (the nations and the lost), and the pace (urgent)?

Love: The angels called the disciples to go NOW. Why do we struggle with the urgency of the mission? Who do you love that is far from God? How can you love them intentionally this week?


These are some of the songs we sang that morning. (You can find them on Spotify.)

  • “All My Fountains”—Passion Band
  • “Christ Is Enough”—Meredith Andrews
  • “Holy Spirit”—Katie Torwalt