Missio Dei: The Mission of God—Vehicle

June 17, 2018



Since the mission of God has a church, Sy Huffer reminds us that the church is to do what it has always done: devote themselves to the apostle's teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer.


Use these questions  to further explore the theme of today’s message:

Pray: We know that no power is able to change like the power of God. What/who will you devote yourself to pray for this week?

Speak: Sy told a story about an unbelieving professor who saw the transforming power of the Bible. In what ways will you devote yourself to the Apostles’ teaching during your work week?

Grow: Sy told us that the mission of the Church is advanced through the vehicle of the Church. This is because the Church transforms us into the image of Christ. We were presented many options for devoting our lives to the mission of God. One of them was allowing the Holy Spirit into your life. How will you put yourself in a position for the Holy Spirit to transform you?

Love: In Acts 2.43-46 the church had everything in common: worship, breaking bread, and even property. This week, how will you share in love with the Community of God around you?