Four Paths To Purpose: The Moment of Decision

May 13, 2018



In this sermon in our series through Esther, Sy Huffer answers the question, "How do you make purposeful decisions without deciding on your purpose?"


Use these questions to further explore the theme of today’s message.

Pray: As we saw from the beginning of Esther 4, your purposeful moments of decision comes in the midst of the mess of life. What mess of life are you facing today? In your prayer time as a group, family, or individual, ask the Lord to reveal to you the mess you are in today.

Speak: Sy said that typically your moment of purposeful decisions come at great cost and risk to you. When that happens, it is overwhelming to try to decipher those messes by yourself. Esther had Mordecai, who do you have? Who are you talking with through the confusion and the mess?

Grow: Esther asked all the Jews and Mordecai to pray and fast on her behalf as she approached King Xerxes, because her moment of decision forced greater dependence on God. How are you growing in your dependence and trust in God? How can you lean into him during this season?

Love: Esther was forced to make a decision as a result of the desperate needs of the Jews. Who is God calling you to love in the midst of the confusion and mess of the present?