Four Paths To Purpose: The Memory of Faithfulness

May 27, 2018



Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, reminds us that we repeat what we celebrate and steps of faith come about by remembering times when you trusted God and he was faithful.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of today’s message.

Pray: So often we focus our prayers on what is right. Yet the book of Esther is designed to help us to remember how God has been faithful. What are some ways God has been faithful in your life that you can praise him for?

Speak: Sy said, “You repeat what you celebrate.” In evangelism, we so often think that we have to be experts in all of the theological intricacies of the Christian faith. Instead, what does it look like to simply celebrate God’s faithfulness and share with  others from your own life experience?

Grow: How can you intentionally disciple others to remember God’s movement in their lives? How do you do this with your kids, your friends, your siblings?

Love: Jesus says in the gospel of John that he knows who loves God by who obeys his commands. How does remembering God’s faithfulness lead you to greater trust, dependence, and submission to God’s will for your life? How does remembering God’s faithfulness empower you to love him more fully?


These are some of the songs we sang that morning. (You can find them on Spotify.)

  • “The Lion and the Lamb”—Leeland
  • “The Lord Our God”—Kristian Stanfill
  • “One Thing Remains”—Jesus Culture
  • “It Is Well With My Soul”—Hymn
  • “Do It Again”—Elevation Worship