THE SOLUTION: To A Communal Problem

April 15, 2018




In our series on sin entitled, "The Solution," Sy Huffer teaches that sin is never purely individual, but is always communal.

Luke 16: 19-31


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the message.

Use these questions on your drive home, at lunch, or with your small group to further explore the theme of today’s message:

Pray: Sy said that sin is never purely individual, but always communal. Do you believe this? Is there sin in your life that you have previously thought that only affected you? Ask the Lord to reveal to you the affects and ramifications of that sin on people.

Speak: Who can you talk to about your sin? What community are you engaged in today that would allow you to have those tough, hard conversations? Commit today to opening up and begin talking to others close to you about your struggles. 

Grow: Who do you know that is without community? Who do you know that feels alone and doesn’t feel like they have people that can help be part of the solution to their sin struggles? What does it look like to invite them into your community? 

Love: How can you love others by overcoming the sins of your heart? What “individual” sins do you need to confess and ask for forgiveness out of an attempt to love others the way Jesus does? How can you learn from Jesus’ way of life lived in community?