Jesus Is For The Betrayer—Shane Wood

March 25, 2018




Even with someone who betrays God like Judas did, Dr. Shane Wood reminds us that there is a God who pursues us.



Use these questions on your drive home, at lunch, or with your small group to further explore the theme of today’s message:

Pray: Shane asked in the sermon, “What is your picture of God?” This week ask God to change your picture of Him, the picture of Jesus found in the Gospels.

Speak: Does our speech match the picture of God found in Christ? What sayings do we repeat (e.g., “Be careful what you pray for...”) that reveal a different picture of God than the slain Lamb?

Grow: Sometimes our picture of our earthly father or mother distort our picture of God. Are there areas of your relationship with your parents you need to forgive? To repent of? To extend grace in order to embrace a new picture of them and, by extension, a new picture of God?

Love: If God is a God of pursuit and we are (re)created in the image of God, how do our pursuits compare to His?

A picture is worth a thousand words. But when you have the wrong picture of Jesus, it can be devastating. The right picture can lead you to the foot of the cross, the intersection of grace.
— Shane Wood