YES & NO of Inclusion—Sy Huffer

March 11, 2018




Continuing our series "Yes & No," our Lead Minister Sy Huffer shows us how the Gospel of Luke teaches the church to be inclusive: make your circle bigger, make your table broader, and walk along the border.



Use these questions to explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Sy talked about how every generation struggles with the drift towards the mirror, yet we all believe we are the exception. Do you struggle with this drift? How so? Ask the Lord to reveal how you have struggled with the drift towards the mirror.

Speak: Our culture has entrenched itself in pretty much every sensitive and controversial issue. How has your speech or lack of engagement in healthy dialogue led to your drift towards the mirror? How have you become entrenched into the ease of likeness?

Grow: Sy summarized the last several weeks of our preaching into these three ideas: 1. Make your circle bigger; 2. Make your table broader; 3. Walk along the border. How can you put your feet in new environments in order to pursue God’s kingdom of diversity?

Love: Jesus’ encounter with the ten lepers revealed to us the key to the fight against our drift towards the mirror: 1. You have to go where you usually don’t go; 2. You have to do what you usually don’t do; 3. You have to love who you usually don’t love. Who is God calling you to love? How is he calling you to follow in his footsteps?


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