YES & NO of Grace—Sy Huffer

March 4, 2018




Sy Huffer, our Lead Minister, reminds us of the question Jesus is asking everyone, "Which party do you want to be at?"


Use these questions on your drive home, at dinner, or with your small group to explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Sy said to do two things: 1. Pick up a broom and 2. Come to the waiting Father. Which one of these two do you most relate to? Ask God to reveal to you in your prayer life how he is calling you to respond to this message.

Speak: Who do you know that is close to you but far from God? Whose name can you write in the blank of the Easter invitation card to invite, not just to the Easter celebration at church, but ALSO to your home? 

Grow: Jesus told three stories in order to confront the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law who were muttering just outside the party. Sy said there were two ways to end up outside the Father’s party: 1. By staunch rebellion; 2. By slow drift. Have you been drifting away from God’s party? 

Love: Who do you know who is close to you but far from God? How can you love them the way the Father loved his lost son? What does it look like to pick up a broom and diligently search and care for them?

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