YES & NO to Humility—Sy Huffer

February 18, 2018




Sy Huffer, Lead Minister at College Heights, encourages us to stop positioning ourselves for recognition so that we can recognize the position that God has placed us in.



Use these questions on your drive home, at dinner, or with your small group to explore the theme of the message.

Pray: Have you fallen into the trap of the comparison game? Are you positioning yourself for recognition? Ask the Lord to reveal to you which audience you are living for and trying to impress. 

Speak: What circle of influence has God placed you in this season to make a difference? How can you leverage your voice by recognizing the position God has placed you in? 

Grow: Sy said, “when you stop positioning yourself for recognition, you are able to recognize the position God has placed you in.” How can you grow in this area for positioning yourself for success, for recognition? How can you make a difference where you are by being faithful and humble and saying NO to pride?

Love: When you recognize where God has placed you, you are then able to see people in your path that God has placed there for you to love and care for. What is one name that God is laying on your heart that he is positioning you to love and show compassion to?



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