Waiting: Waiting For A Grand Awakening (Isaiah 5-6)

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Use these questions to further explore the message.


In the midst of pain, it’s easy to forget God’s love, the key ingredient of transformation to produce joy. So, here is the question: do you believe God loves you?


What sins are blocking your view of God? Distorting your view of God? Spend some time this week discussing or writing in your journal reflecting on this question, allowing the Spirit time and space to surface answers in your heart.


God’s presence shines light into the darkness–revealing the lost, the broken, and, at the same time, His heart. As we move into the holiday season, what are words of light God is speaking to you that, in turn, you can speak to others?


This week in your prayer time, sit in silence with the purpose for God to make Himself known, for the Spirit to work deep in your heart to reveal His identity, to correct your mistaken identity’s of Him, to open you up to His movement and grace. Don’t try and “figure out His identity,” but simply give Him space to speak by repeating the question, “Who are You?”