SPARK: Faith to Leave



All movements begin with a spark. We are in the midst of exploring how God wants to use College Heights in Joplin, the U.S., and across the globe!

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If we want to hear a word from God, we have to close our mouths and listen.
But we are just too busy, too opinionated, too divided.
God wants to speak a word into our worlds, yet we are so quick to open our mouths about every situation and issue with pre-formulated opinions and thoughts that we can’t hear his voice trying to speak life into dead situations.
We want to be the fire, yet God is calling us to be the tinder, the kindling wood.
Dry, dead, surrendered, listening, waiting faithfully for him to spark us into a massive fire.
Hands up, mouth closed, edge of the seat. That is our posture to create a spark.
In this posture, we are ready to receive a challenge from God, a word from God, an impossible promise from God to advance his kingdom in the direst circumstances, in the most barren of situations, in death, God speaks life out of nothing.
— Sy Huffer



October 7 Faith to Leave Genesis 12

October 14 Focus on God Exodus 3

October 21 Faithfulness to the Cause 2 Kings 12

October 28 Focus on People John 12

November 4 Fortitude to Endure Acts 4


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

PRAY: What is God calling you to? How is He beckoning you outside your comfort zone and into His wild unknown? Commit to praying his prayer throughout this week: “Lord, call me to greater dependence upon you.”

SPEAK: Who are you talking to throughout this series? Who are you accountable to so that you are following God’s promptings and movements in your life? Our goal is 100% participation as a church, so who are you challenging to engage the mission and vision of College Heights?

GROW: In order for us to reach our goal of $9 million in two years, we must grow in our generosity as individuals and as a church. What does that look like for you? How can you take a step and grow from where you are today to where God wants you to be?

LOVE: Who is God calling you to love by leaving your life of comfort? How is God challenging you to love others by engaging this initiative?


Yesterday we started a new sermon series called “SPARK.” It kicked off our new Generosity Initiative.

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about our 5 year vision. We know that vision won’t become reality if we just keep doing things the same way as we have in the past. Our SPARK Generosity Initiative will help “spark” us toward fulfilling our new vision. You can find out more

We will be looking at those things over the next few weeks.

You can get a digital download of our SPARK Field Guide at . You will also find SPARK stories, an online Commitment Card, FAQs, Small Group Study Guides, a Prayer Guide and more!

You can get a digital download of our SPARK Field Guide at You will also find SPARK stories, an online Commitment Card, FAQs, Small Group Study Guides, a Prayer Guide and more!


Everyone is invited to the Commitment Kickoff Party— a church family celebration to remind us of God's generosity and to kickoff a two-week season of prayer for how God is leading each of us to contribute to SPARK.

Join the party with food trucks, inflatables, pictures with Roary the Lion (MSSU mascot), a field goal kicking competition with prizes, games, sparklers, worship, prayer, and more.

Plan now to join us at the Fred G. Hughes Stadium at MSSU on 5:30 PM, Sunday, October 21.

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