SPARK: Faithfulness To The Cause



Commit to the cause before you to further the mission beyond you.
— Sy Huffer


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: What does faithfulness to this cause of the SPARK initiative look like for you and your family? Pray every day these next two weeks asking the Lord to give you all clarity on what this commitment looks like for you. 

Speak: Who do you know that needs to be challenged to engage in this area of generosity? Are you the person that God has placed in their lives to challenge them to lead their heart with their treasure? 

Grow: How can you ensure a faithfulness to this initiative? What way is that faithfulness causing you to grow in trust and dependence on God? 

Love: How does your commitment help you love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? How are you growing in desire and trust in god with this commitment?