Jesus Encounters the Sinful: Luke 7

January 28, 2018




Sy Huffer, Lead Minister, reminds us that Jesus sees us in our circumstance, hurts with us in our pain, and restores us in our vulnerability from Luke 7.



Use these questions to further explore the topic of the sermon:

Pray: Who did you relate to in the story of Jesus’ encounter with the sinful woman? Jesus? Simon the Pharisee? The Sinful Woman? The crowd? Ask God to reveal to you why you related to a particular character and how that needs to transform your encounters with sinners.

Speak: Sy talked about Robert Downey Jr. and his love and care and advocacy for Mel Gibson in the midst of his rejection in Hollywood. Who do you know that is on the down and out that needs an advocate, that needs someone to speak on behalf of them?

Grow: Jesus is preparing his disciples for what it means to live life on mission with Jesus with this encounter with the sinful woman. How do you disciple your kids, your small group, your circle of influence in the same way?

Love: What does your encounters with “sinners” look like? Do you have encounters with sinners, with the social outcasts of society? How can you be intentional this week about changing your circles of time and space to bring about more encounters like Jesus’ encounter here?


College Heights