Don't Stay The Way You Are: There Is A Path

September 10, 2017




In our journey of transformation, Sy Huffer, our Lead Minister, answers the question, "How do we become who we are meant to be?"

We surrender control to the God of resurrection.


Use these questions to further explore the message.

Pray: How does prayer keep you on the path of death, surrender, and then receiving the gift of life?

Speak: Who do you know that is drifting from the New way (the person God has planned for them to be) back to the Old way? Speak to them, warning them that the secondary rewards are not enough to sustain them.

Grow: The path from the Old, to the New is Death, Surrender, and then Life (elimination, imitation, incorporation). What in your life needs to die? to be surrendered? to be raised again?

Love: Our culture struggles with this idea that there is “one path” to the best life here on earth. Why is this so difficult in our culture? How can we be loving yet also stick to the truth of the good news of Jesus?

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