Jeremiah: Shattered Faithfulness

August 6, 2017




To conclude our Shattered series through Jeremiah, our Lead Minister Sy Huffer uses the songs of Lamentations to illustrate when faithfulness of God seems shattered, to remember what he has done and sing songs to God.



Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Pray: Are you in a place where it seems God isn’t being faithful? What does it look like to tell him how you feel and remember what he has done? Try that this week. Divide a piece of paper in half and write on one side how you feel and write on the other all the times he has been faithful to you.

Speak: Who do you know that is in the middle of a season of questioning God? Who can you share this practice with, of praising God and lamenting at the same time?

Grow: Growing means choosing God’s way everyday, yet the question we asked this morning was: How do you remain faithful when it seems God isn’t? What does this look like for you? What is God asking you to do to remain faithful, even when it doesn’t make sense?

Love: Loving God means doing what he says, because, ultimately, you trust him. Do you trust God, even when you don’t see him, even when you are questioning his faithfulness? What steps can you take this week to be faithful to him even when you don’t feel it?