You Belong Here: The Stranger

August 20, 2017


The Sermon


In our second week of "You Belong Here," Dr. Mark Scott reminds us that for the stranger to belong here, we must intentionally receive them and be willing to learn from them.

The Prayer

It was our privilege to pray as a congregation for racial reconciliation, Barcelona, and the families of the police officers who were killed.

Let us be a church who prays about everything.

The Questions

Use these questions to help you apply what was spoken about in the message:

Pray: Beyond our text today in the next narrative we see Abraham “bargaining” with God about the city of Sodom (16-33). Do you pray for wicked cities? Do you feel comfortable bargaining with God in prayer? What would make this kind of prayer more acceptable to you?

Speak: Do you put yourself in a position to hear God speak to you? When the strange visitors came to Abraham they were immediately given Near Eastern hospitality (1-8). Abraham enlisted Sarah and his servants to create a perfect environment for listening to these messengers. How can you create the perfect culture for listening to God speak?

Grow: What does entertaining strangers look like for you? How could you take the next step in genuine biblical hospitality? People never forget how you make them feel? What changes can you make in your present openness to ensure people feel welcome in your presence.

Love: Let’s talk about love in marriage. Even though Abraham was as good as dead (Hebrews 11:12) and Sarah was passed “the age,” she remembered that intimate love was “pleasure” (12). Can husbands and wives celebrate the oneness of their home by bringing each other pleasure?