You Belong Here: The Foreigner

August 13, 2017




In the first week of our series, "You Belong Here," Sy Huffer reminds us that while pursuing holiness, we drift from the heart of God without also welcoming the foreigner among us.



Use these questions to further explore the theme of the  message:

Pray: We all have those people that if we could we would like to put them in our “Not Neighbor” circle. Who are they for you? Who do you struggle to love? Ask God to reveal that in your heart.

Speak: Who needs encouragement and support from you? Who can you invite into your community?

Grow: How can you grow in your holiness by pursuing the foreigner in our community? Take a step today by getting involved in including the foreigners into your community.

Love: Who is God calling you to love today?

College Heights