Jeremiah: Shattered Plans

July 2, 2017




Continuing our series in Jeremiah, Dr. Mark Scott, a member of our preaching team, explains how our shattered plans are the result of our poor choices or God's sovereign will.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message: 

Pray–Do you pray about your plans? Sometimes we can be presumptuous when it comes to our plans (James 4:13-17). Perhaps we need to spend more time “listening” to God in our prayers (Jeremiah 17:24). Sit quietly before the Lord this week and ask him to shape your plans.

Speak–Jeremiah was told by God to stand at a public place (People’s Gate) and speak God’s message (Jeremiah 17:19). This was a busy gate with lots of people (particularly powerful people like kings) coming and going. Does your witness need to be more vocal and more public? If God wanted it to be that way where would that place be? In the classroom? In City Hall? At the service club?

Grow–Part of Christian growth in discipleship is accepting God’s will no matter what it is. God’s people had violated “the day” (Jeremiah 17:21-22). They had to accept God’s punishment. God’s people had become spoiled in his hand like “the clay.” They had to accept God’s reshaping of their plans. How willing are you to accept his will no matter what?

Love–The best expression of love for God is obedience. When we obey him our witness gets leveraged for good (Jeremiah 17:25-26). When we obey him there will be a constant memory of his ways and no danger of forgetting him to the point of idolatry (Jeremiah 18:15).


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