Jeremiah: Shattered View

July 23, 2017



Dr. Shane Wood, a member of our Preaching Team, talks about the skewed theology we attach to "popular" scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, and Psalms 118:24 and how this view can cause disunity between us and God. He asks the question, "Do you really trust God?"


Use these questions to further explore the topic of the message:

Pray—In Jeremiah 29:7, the prophet exhorts God’s people to pray for Babylon’s prosperity. What oppressive countries can we lift up in prayer to the Lord for their healing?

Speak—Many false prophets during the time of Jeremiah were speaking “words of the Lord” that were, in reality, “words from themselves.” Can you think of a time when you spoke “words of the Lord” for selfish reasons? If so, how did you (or should you) make this right?

Grow—Whether for political reasons, past wounds, age stage changes, or even medical reasons, many people feel isolated or in a personal exile. When you find yourself in an “exile” situation, how do you demonstrate trust in the Lord?

Love—Sometimes the Word of God can be used as a weapon against people around us. How can you use the Word of God this week to bless those around you instead?