Jeremiah: Shattered Leaders

July 16, 2017




Titus Neuenschwander, our Family Minister, brings Jeremiah to center stage in an interesting interview that focused on his life as a prophet and ended with an encouraging message on being leaders where we are.


Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message:

Morning Show Questions—What about the life of Jeremiah encourages you? Gives you hope? Breaks your heart? Frustrates you?

Pray—Jeremiah was asked not to pray for his people because God had decided to withhold mercy in handing Judah over to Babylon. When God asks Jeremiah this, what feelings or thoughts come to mind? Are there moments in life that your prayers shift to “God’s will be done”? What hesitations do you have about praying such a prayer?

Speak—Jeremiah never ceased to speak what God asked him to speak. But he often did itwith tears and a broken heart. He spoke the truth but it was not devoid of love. Is there someone in your life who needs to hear a message of truth spoken with humility and love? Will you share it?

Grow—What can we learn about a long life of faithfully living and obediently following after God?

Love—What about the life of Jeremiah encourages you to love others more?