Jeremiah: Shattered Promise

June 5, 2017


This summer, we are studying the story of Jeremiah, otherwise known as “the weeping prophet.” Jeremiah’s story is a tragic one, yet it reveals to us the things that break God’s heart. And as we study the life of Jeremiah in a season where the heart of God and the words of his prophet and the nation of his people are shattered, our prayer is that our hearts break for the things that break God’s heart.



By The Bible Project




Lead Minister, Sy Huffer, searches for an answer from the book of Jeremiah to the question, "How do you pick up the piece of a shattered life?"



Use these questions to further explore the theme of the message.

Pray: Sy asked the question: How do you pick up the pieces of a shattered life? Do you feel this way? Commit to praying to God about your feelings of your life being shattered. 

Speak: Who do you know that you need to forgive? Who keeps giving you hell? Who do you need to speak to about the hurts and pain in your life? 

Grow: Who do you need to forgive? The book of Jeremiah reveals God's justice and mercy coming into the moment of Jesus dying on the cross. What does it look like to follow in Christ's footsteps and forgive injustice and stop the hate cycle? 

Love: Who do you need to give heaven to even though they keep giving you hell? Who needs to learn of the love of Jesus who died the death we deserved by absorbing God's justice upon himself on the cross?

College Heights